Tiffany Chairs – The Perfect Chair To Hire For Formal Events


 In a world where social media coverage of events is becoming bigger than we ever thought, corporates wanting to get ‘an edge’ in the race for industry recognition has become all consuming for some. We came across this really insightful blog article by Chair Hire Co. on the use of hired chairs at corporate events and private functions and they have agreed we could republish it here for our readers.

Every detail matters when it comes to planning formal events such as executive dinner parties, balls, graduations and more! Seating is one of the most essential furniture you need at your event. You can’t have your guests standing throughout the event! Although comfort is paramount, maintaining an elegant atmosphere to suit the occasion is equally important. At Chair Hire Co, we highly recommend our range of Tiffany Chair Hire. These chairs are a versatile solution that seamlessly merges comfort with elegance. Making them an ideal choice for various formal occasions.

The Versatility of Tiffany Chairs

Tiffany chairs represents a timeless elegance with practicality and style. These chairs are designed with versatility in mind, featuring a slim spindle legs and frame that can stack up for easy set up and storage. It includes a comfortable cushion that adds a extra comfort, ensuring that your guests remain comfortable throughout the event.

Elevating Elegance

The sleek design of these chairs can transform any room into a sophisticated and elegant space.  We offer a range of colours to suit various event themes. These colours includes, blackwhitegold and clear. With these range of colours to choose from, our collection will effortlessly complement various decor theme, from opulent weddings to corporate galas. Not only are these timeless chairs amazing on its own but when adorned with decor and fabrics. You can truly elevate your event space. For example, you can wrap the chair with big sashes of ribbons adorning a bow tie on the back rest. Alternatively, you can tie up a small bouquet of flowers on the back of the chairs. Creativity is endless when using them for formal events.

Choosing Tiffany Chairs for your Formal Event

When selecting chairs for a formal event, several factors should be considered:

Quality of Chair: Tiffany chairs are a comfortable chair that is often used for long period of seating time. So your guests will not have a problem with discomfort. Ensure that the chair does offer adequate padding for maximum comfort. If your event is running for 4 plus hours of seating, ensure that these are the best seating option.

Aesthetic Appeal: You can opt for accessories to complement the event theme. You can choose to style up the chair, although they do look great on its own.

Durability and Stability: Look for chairs made from high-quality materials that guarantees stability and sturdiness throughout the event. They are constructed with high-quality metal fame and a comfortable seating pad.

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